Talk of Home

Introduction the Film

Taking inspiration from the 2010 UK General Election which had an unprecedented 8 PPC's from Chinese origins, the film is the culmination of nearly two years of work in both the UK and mainland China. With their PPC's personal success as the focus, Talk of Home chronicles the arrival of the first Chinese settlers in Britain 150 years ago through to modern day Chinese communities being an integral part of the very fabric of British society. The documentary seeks to highlight the positive contribution and key roles the Chinese people have in the UK while also exploring the nature of national identity against the backdrop of increasingly closer links enjoyed by the two nations.

Creating the Talk of Home Story

The Chinese in Britain have emerged into the light for the first time in a century and a half, leaving the restaurants and take-away shops and entering the mainstream in politics, commerce and education.

The face of Britain has been changing, literally, and the Chinese are playing a significant role in this exciting modernization of Britain.

The film-makers behind this documentary have enjoyed a fascinating journey through the UK and into China to focus on the stories of individuals who have settled in the UK, either to gain an education or to make a new home. We have come to understand the evolution of generations splintering off from a single tradition and weaving a new, two sided creation – making a new identity for themselves combining ancient parental stems with new ideas and persona’s.

The director

- David Dickson

David is a founding partner of the LA based production company Bow Street Films which makes feature films and documentaries.

Starting as a film editor in the mid 1980’s David went on to direct and produce award winning documentaries such as WHAT HAPPENS NEXT and LOVE IN ACTION before turning his attention to feature film development and production, most recently through BSF on FLUTTER with Joe Anderson and MARGIN CALL with Kevin Spacey and Jeremy Irons.


- Fan Bai

Fan Bai is founder and CEO of C Cubed Media Ltd, an independent production and consulting media company based in London with offices in Beijing, China. Having studied media production at Goldsmiths College, University of London, Fan went on to win the Royal Television Society Award for his documentary Visiting Marriage. While he was working for the BBC and various Chinese TV channels as a freelance cameraman / editor, Fan saw first hand the difficulties that existed for foreigners to start a career in the media industry in the UK.

C Cubed Media, short for China Culture Communications, was founded by Fan in 2007 with the simple aim to create a platform where people could build an understanding between China and Britain through cultural exchange. Fan and his team have worked to become the strategic video partners for the BBC Chinese World Service and China's Xinhua News Agency providing video reports of all culture related news and features to Chinese audiences around the world. With the company's rapid development, Fan has set the new goal for C Cubed Media to become an all-around media platform. But even with this his aims and dreams remains the same as does his passion for Chinese cultural exchange. And it was this vision and desire that brought up the creation of the documentary Talk of Home - The Chinese in Britain.


David Dickson

David directed theatre in Scotland and taught for a year and then returned to London in 1990 to continue work in film as a documentary producer and director.


Bai Fan has set C Cubed Media to become an all-around media platform. And it was this vision and desire that brought up the creation of the documentary Talk of Home - The Chinese in Britain.

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